Medx Diagnostic Reasoning
We support clinical thinking for faster, safer diagnosis and better health outcomes.

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Our Approach

Medx is a visual reasoning platform for physicians that offers diagnosis decision support at the point of care.

It combines a broad medical knowledge base, a fast, patient-adaptive reasoning algorithm and an award-winning, patent-pending user interface.
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Fast responsive data entry enables rapid documentation of relevant information.


Visual reasoning interface activates and supports clinical thinking and decision-making.


Important diagnoses to consider are highlighted, along with appropriate next steps.

It's streets ahead of anything else that's out there. It's almost too good.

Prof. William Hamilton
Professor of Primary Care Diagnostics
University of Exeter

This is »next generation« decision support, much more closely mirroring the way clinicians tackle diagnostic problems.

Greg Rubin
Professor of General Practice and Primary Care
Durham University

One patient had a previous diagnosis of chronic diverticulitis so everyone was focused on that. Then the program suggested a kidney stone and in the end that turned out to be the correct diagnosis, that was really impressive.

Dr. med. Dirk Mecking
General Practitioner
Cologne, Germany

I find it (medx/DX) really great. There's an ‘aha’ moment: ‘I hadn't thought of that!’

Dipl.-Med. Anke Richter
General Practitioner

How we work

Unlike in traditional AI (artificial intelligence), the emphasis of our work is not on replacing human thinking, but on supporting the clinician’s innate cognitive skills with the goal of both ensuring and fostering cognitive excellence. We call this Cognostics.

We use insights from the cognitive sciences

Our approach is informed by the latest insights from the cognitive sciences and we benefit from a close collaboration with the Parmenides Foundation in Munich, incorporating aspects of their theories of Constellatory Logic into what we do.

We support clinical reasoning with visual tools

Our award-winning, patent-pending, visual tools support the clinical reasoning process at each step, using great design to enable powerful improvements in thinking and decision-making.

We combine expert knowledge with real world data

Our content is based on best available medical evidence and expert insight. We then combine this knowledge base with validated, real-world data, to continuously refine our reasoning support and provide users with data-driven insights.

We focus on improving health outcomes

Each aspect of the medx platform has been built with one ultimate goal in mind - improving patient health outcomes. We aim to achieve this by enabling earlier diagnosis, accurate patient stratification, outcomes measurement, benchmarking and improvement.

The Team

Daniel Nathrath

Co-founder and CEO

Daniel oversees the smooth running of the company and keeps us constantly looking ahead towards exciting as-yet-unexplored directions and possibilities. Prior to founding medx he founded and sold another internet company. He is a lawyer by training (Germany and US) and previously worked as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Dr. Martin Hirsch

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Martin studied theoretical medicine. He wants to understand how we think – perhaps not surprising since he is the grandson of Werner Heisenberg (the Uncertainty Principle)! Martin’s focus in the company is on how we can best support truly game-changing improvements in clinical reasoning and decision-making.

Dr. Claire Novorol

Chief Medical Officer

Claire previously worked as a Clinical Geneticist in the UK and as a Paediatrician at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. She has a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge. After working in high-pressure environments with sick children, then focusing on the challenge of diagnosing complex and rare conditions, she is now helping us to design decision support tools that work in real-life clinical environments and fit the needs of practising doctors.

Johannes Schröder

Director of Technology

Johannes studied Computer Linguistics at the University of Potsdam. Having gained experience in a number of startups working on novel linguistic and machine learning approaches, he now manages the development of our user-facing technologies with a keen eye on ensuring we build intuitive, responsive, easy-to-use tools.

Henry Hoffmann

Director of Reasoning Technology

Being an engineer of technical informatics, and after years of building intelligent machines, Henry’s goal is to develop a system that enables a huge leap forward in the way humans leverage and interact with smart computers to drive improvements in healthcare.

Martin Burkert

Director of Content Technology

Martin has a Masters degree in Bioinformatics. Now he is responsible for developing a platform where information is modelled in a way that both humans and machines can understand it. Not so easy, but right at the heart of what we do at medx and key to our success.

Dr. Malte Joswig &
Dr. Johannes Kondschak

Director of Content Production

Malte and Johannes both qualified as doctors at the Charité Hospital in Berlin. They oversee a team of dedicated physicians who together are responsible for the medx content production process and ongoing expert review.

Our Partners

  • Prof. Dr. Albrecht v. Müller
    Parmenides Foundation
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Strupp
    LMU Munich
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Klein
    LMU Munich
  • Prof. Dr. Jochen Peters
    Klinik Dritter Orden Munich
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Filk
    University of Freiburg
  • Prof. Dr. Opper
    TU Berlin
  • Prof. Greg Rubin
    University of Durham
  • Prof. Willie Hamilton
    University of Exeter


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80636 Munich


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10997 Berlin

San Francisco

96 Jessie Street
San Francisco
CA 94105, USA

DE: +49 30 60031987
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